Tortilla Flat Evaluation Essay Research Paper I


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Tortilla Flat Evaluation Essay, Research Paper

I have just completed the classic nove Tortilla Flat by John

Stienbeck. I must admit, this book was very boring to read. It’s not

very long, only about 200 pages, but it seemed like much more. I

wasn’t too interested in this book. I felt having to read this book

was a chore. Although the book has its good moments, I think

people looking for an exciting book should stay away from this


Tortilla Flat is one heck of a boring book, but it does have an

original story. Most of this book revolves around a man named

Danny and his friends. Danny and his friends have just got back

from war and are looking for someplace to live. Then Danny

remembers he has a house that was given to him from a relative.

The novel also follows the adventures of the friends. Most are

boring stories like helping an old lady or looking for treasure. They

also got drunk a lot. And at the end. . . well I won’t spoil it, you’ll

have to go through the pain of reading this book.

Most of the characters in the book weren’t very interesting, but

if I have to choose one character, it would have to be Danny. That’s

the obvious choice. He’s the main character and he’s pretty easy to

talk about. Danny is not that interesting, it’s just that all of the

other characters are really boring. One thing that I thought was

interesting is how Danny was quite a drinker. He got drunk a lot.

And he ended up. . . whoops! Almost slipped you the ending.

Anyway, Danny was also the character that gave all of the other

characters their shelter. That’s the only character in the book I

found faintly interesting.

The most exciting part of this book was finishing it. Woohoo!

Gosh, I felt like I could conquer the world after I completed this

book of boredom. I read about some friends getting drunk, going to

jail, and burning down houses! Wow (sarcasm)! Seriously, the only

part in the book that came close to being a little exciting was the

end. But nothing could compare to how I felt when I finished this

book. I felt like 5000 pounds were lifted off of my shoulders, I felt

like I was reading one word per hour with this book. Now I don’t

have to worry about that book anymore, thank God.

There’s no avoiding it, this book was flat out boring. I would

definitely not recommend this book to anyone my age, if not anyone

at all. this book has to be good if its considered a classic, but it

didn’t do to well of a job keeping my attention. I found myself

reading six pages, maybe more, and not having any recollection of

anything that I had just read. All in all, I guess this book might be

worth reading for a bibliophile, but for the average Joe, get a book

more interesting.


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